Blogs GR10 2005
Blog Page 4 - messages sent back from internet cafes on the trail

"Planned rest day 3. Challenging times!! When times are as hard as the last 5 days it helps to keep in mind the work of the charities for which we are raising funds. Days 13, 14 & 16 all involved climbs of over 1500 metres ( nearly 5,000ft. ) and a distance in excess of 24k ( 15 miles ) : in other words over 10 hours from start to finish each day. Day 14's climb finished with a desperately steep ascent over loose scree and snow fields while the 4 hours' continuous climb on Day 16 was in fog and cold cloying drizzle with temperatures dropping to near zero - in stark contrast to the 30C+ of Day 15. Sightings of marmots, izards ( Pyrenean chamois ) and birds of prey and the fabulous scenery have lightened the load - the view of the Pic du Midi d'Ossau as we reached the Col d'Ayous on Day 13 will stay in our minds for ever! " - 5th July