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Walking the Pyrenees - a trek along the GR10 ( click for details of our slideshow presentation )

During June, July and August 2005 we walked the entire length of the Pyrenean mountain chain along the GR 10 trail - it was a life-changing experience. 50 days walked, 903km covered, 49714m climbed!
The whole of this GR10 section was created and developed by our son, Danny, before and during the trek. At internet cafes en route we were overwhelmed by messages and promises of sponsorship received.

The Charities panel was accurate for October 2005 and gives details of the charities we support.
The Sponsors panel enables us to thank firms who gave support to our charities
The Useful Links panel takes you to background information about the GR10 and walking in France
The Messages panel links you to some of the fantastic support sent before and during the trek
Click here to see photos and click here to see blogs sent back and regularly updated throughout the trek

Click here for a map showing the route ... and finally here to find out why we wanted to do it

The photo on our GR10 2005 pages shows our favourite Pyrennean summit - the Pic du Midi d'Ossau

These pages and their links were completed in January 2006 and have not been updated since