Blogs GR10 2005
Blog Page 3 - messages sent back from internet cafes on the trail

"Planned rest day 2. After 11 days of good walking we've settled in to a daily routine - up by 5.30, walking by 6.30 to avoid too much climbing in the midday heat. We often arrive at our hostel/refuge accommodation by 3.00p.m. We have now over 125 miles behind us and have reached the stunning scenery of the high Pyrenees and its beautiful Alpine flora. Apart from 3 days walking along ridges in thick hill fog the weather has been kind if, at times, hot and humid. Day 11 saw the first spots of rain while walking though there have been ferocious evening thunderstorms and winds strong enough to blow other walkers over. Our friends, Yvonne and Colin, have been wonderful company and support. Ahead lie some beautiful high mountain passes and the cliff-face Chemin de la Mature. Spirits are high. PS ( for the professionals ) - no vaseline needed yet!!" - 30th June