Websites Nepal 2014

In addition to the websites given on other pages we found the following helpful:

For general information you can use both the Trekking in Nepal and the Nepal Home Page websites.
For information from the British Embassy go to their website - but be warned that the Embassy has to err on the side of caution in advice it gives. The situation on the ground is not always as threatening as it might appear on reading these webpages. At the end of the day the judgement has to be yours!!
For up-to-date news on recent and current events go to the Himalyan Times and the Nepali Times.
For examples of treks undertaken by others go to the Silvertops and especially the Stray Photographer for some really professional photos (click on the slideshow at the bottom of the text on the link page ).
For general trekking tips on the Everest Base Camp adventure try One World Trekking and this website created by a 'nomadic' Englishwoman who took her 12-year old son to Base Camp!
... and finally if you ever wondered what it was like going to do volunteer work in Nepal for a longer period of time take a look at this blog written by Ann Marcer, a retired head teacher from Devon.

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