Charities Nepal 2014

You are unlikely to leave Nepal without a desire to help its people in some way or other. The poverty we witnessed in both town and countryside made a lasting impression - yet so many of the people seemed so happy and were so generous with their welcomes. The sobering thought was that villages on the trekking routes and cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara are in the richest area of this country. For most Nepalis the food bill consumes whatever income they have ... so when food prices rise for them it is, literally, a matter of life and death. It has made us much less tolerant of some of the moans we regularly hear on TV and radio from individuals in our society who take so much for granted.
The plight of women is particularly severe and much emphasis is being given to developing health facilities and education for them. We wanted to ensure that monies raised go towards real help and not bureaucracy. As we have a personal contact in Nepal who is funding specific practical projects for girls in education we are channelling money from donations and our talks through her. If you would like contact details and/or more information please e-mail us at
There are, of course, major donors such as Oxfam ... alternatively, the Doug Scott Charity seems to us to tick many of the buttons of a worthwhile cause.

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