Alps Slideshow 2007
In return for a donation to our charities we would be pleased to give this slideshow presentation. Contact us at The talk normally lasts about 45 - 60 minutes but can be tailored.

From Winter in to Summer through the Alps

Join us on our 7-week long trek in the early summer of 2007 from the shores of Lake Geneva to Menton on the Mediterranean coast through some of the most stunning scenery in Europe. We experienced huge contrasts during this walk, between days of snow, fog and cold in the Northern Alps and days with blue skies and heat in the Southern Alps. These contrasts are reflected in the photos which show how dramatically scenery and vegetation change during the route. Themes within the talk include the geology, history, flora and fauna encountered. We also explain how we planned the route and the eating and accommodation arrangements. There are slides of unexpected occurrences and, inevitably, pictures of some of the real challenges we had to face.

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