Why do the GR10?

The GR10 extends from the small resort of Hendaye on the Atlantic coast to Banyuls-sur-Mer on the Mediterranean. It runs along the northern, French side of the Pyrenees and covers about 900 kilometres (560 miles). In following this trail, Sue and Ivan will climb and descend the equivalent of Everest from sea level almost 6 times. Put another way, that is like climbing half way to the edge of outer space!

Why do it? "As we approach the age of maturity, we welcome the challenge and the opportunity to show that life is for living.
At the same time we are very conscious of our societyís increasing preoccupation with healthy living. Jamie Oliver can fight for better school dinners and gyms and health clubs can provide opportunities for keeping fit, but at the end of the day, simple exercise and regular walking can be one of the best ways of staying well Ö and it can cost nothing!!
You donít have to go to such extremes as our trek, but if our example can encourage more people to take up walking as a pastime, then that will be worthwhile in itself.
We are, however, under no illusions that this will be a challenging expedition..."

Sue and Ivan Godfrey, June 2005