General Tips Nepal 2014

Safe food / water It is almost impossible to avoid at least one bout of sickness / diarrhoea. We ate no meat and avoided milk and cheese as well as any raw salads or vegetables and ice cream. We were meticulous about drinking only safe water - boiled if possible rather than from plastic bottles that cause a huge environmental problem. Always clean teeth in safe water, too!

Insurance can be a problem for trekking above 3,000 metres. It is essential to check the details of your insurance to ensure you are covered for this ... and it usually means taking out very expensive additional cover. Given our age we found the best solution was to join the BMC and get their insurance.

Following local courtesies is important not only for yourself but for the reputation of foreign tourists in general. Perhaps the most important convention we encountered was the importance of women dressing correctly - shorts and vest tops should never be worn!! For more in-depth info read Friends in High Places and/or Cultural Tips.