Tanzania Slideshow

In return for a donation to our charities we would be pleased to give this slideshow presentation. Contact us at support@godfreytreks.co.uk. The talk normally lasts about 45 - 60 minutes but can be tailored.

An African Adventure

Join with us to experience 3 very different sides to Tanzania. Firstly, some brief photographic impressions taken as we drove through the countryside and snapped people going about their daily life. After this we try to give you some idea of the excitement of getting up close to animals living in their own environment and completely free of human direction. From our safari vehicle we were able to observe really closely both small and large mammals, birds and reptiles including most of the 'big 5' ... and the occasional surprise in the supposed security of domestic living!! Finally we set off on a potential 8-day hike towards the roof of Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Share the sights, the challenges and some of the real dangers of attempting to climb to 20,000ft ... Chris Moyles eat your heart out!!!

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