Tanzania Home Page 2010

An African Adventure ( click for details of our slideshow presentation )

What presents can you give each other when you celebrate your Ruby ( 40th ) Wedding Anniversary? We thought long and hard ... it had to be an exceptional experience. Inspiration came in the form of Radio One DJ Chris Moyles. If he could climb Kilimanjaro, why couldn't we at least attempt to do so?
On the following pages you will find information about our two week trip to Tanzania in February 2010 - certainly one of the most memorable experiences of our life together. We thank Exodus and their link business, African Walking Company, for their expert and efficient care, together with our friends in the 'team' for their support and comradeship.
Click on the advice link for essential tips on trying to remain healthy, insured and safe, as well as ideas on ways to prepare in advance and the Photos link for information and pictures about brief views of daily life, a 4-day safari and our attempt to climb Kilimanjaro.

The photo on our Tanzania pages shows the typical acacia tree landscape of Serengeti

These pages and their links were completed in autumn 2010 and have not been updated since