Exploring Great Britain

Our own islands provide a wonderful variety of magnificent scenery and excellent walks, some of which can be experienced using the links above.

Living in the Devon we have got to know much of the SW Coast Path on day walks. However, putting these individual walks together into treks of over a week to get the feeling of a whole section of coastline adds a completely new dimension. This section is subdivided in to manageable walks of 7 - 12 days ... and is a work in progress!!
Our 2006 4 week visit to the Outer Hebrides involved day walks and and exploration of the history and culture of islands that may be part of the British Isles but belong, in many ways, to a different world.
In 2012 we invited friends to join us walking Hadrian's Wall. The intention was to give ourselves time to explore the Trail and all its sites as much as possible and immerse ourselves in Roman history!

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