Why We Trek

Why carry on doing this?

" The 8 week trek following the GR10 along the length of the Pyrenees in 2005 changed our lives and made us realise that so much of our daily existence is based around trivia. The task of planning and executing a major trek like this together with pitting our bodies against such a sustained physical challenge ( at our age! ) provides stimulation and excitement.

The fact that at the same time we are able to share these live experiences with friends and have the opportunity to raise funds for such worthwhile causes is the real icing on the cake.

At the end of the day, simple exercise and regular walking can be one of the best ways of staying well Ö and it can cost nothing!! You donít have to go to such extremes as our trek, but if our example can encourage more people to take up walking as a pastime, then that will be worthwhile in itself."

Sue and Ivan Godfrey