Useful Websites Hadrian's Wall 2012

Useful Websites - you can be overwhelmed by information about Hadrian's Wall. The sites below all proved incredibly useful preparatory information ... but the list is by no means exhaustive!!

To plan your walk the Hadrian's Wall Country website is a wonderfully comprehensive visual and factual compendium and an essential starting point for an overview of both historical and current information. Equally useful is the Hadrian's Wall National Trail website and in particular the accommodation and attractions map which allows you to have a clear view of main attractions and options for each day.
Beggar Bog provides a brief summary about the wall whilst the RBO gives fascinating insights into all aspects of life in Britain under the Romans. After an initial overview, focus on the Hadrian's Wall pages. In addition there is a dedicated website about the Emperor Hadrian and also the BBC's website on the Romans. Both English Heritage and the National Trust have information about individual sites belonging to them and the Vindolanda Trust website deals with 2 of the best museums on the whole trail.
There are numerous firms that offer guides, tours and luggage transfer schemes - an up-to-date list can be found on the National Trail website. Finally there is a regular bus service, the AD122, that runs along the central section of the wall from Easter until the end of October.

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