Books and Maps Hadrian's Wall 2012

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Hadrian's Wall Path: Wallsend to Bowness-on-Solway published by Trailblazer and Hadrian's Wall Path ( Two Way National Trail Description ) published by Cicerone Press both give detailed descriptions of all aspects of the Hadrian's Wall Path - the route, places to visit, background information, accommodation and more. Both assume you are going from east to west. They have differing strengths and we found it really useful to have both to refer to.
Both English Heritage and the National Trust provide brief general guidebooks to the wall including principal sites that can be seen along the route. They also publish booklets for individual sites owned by them. For an in-depth background book to the development of the Wall, life on the Wall and events that happened after the Romans left we recommend The Wall: Rome's Greatest Frontierby Alistair Moffat.
In addition to maps in the guidebooks we found the Ordnance Survey 1:25000 maps 316 (Newcastle upon Tyne), OL43 (Hadrian's Wall) and 315 (Carlisle) helpful for off-route information. If you prefer a single waterproof map of the whole route then consider the Harvey's 1:40000 Map. Specialist maps are always available with speedy delivery from the Map Shop in Upton-upon-Severn.

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