GTA Italy 2012 Slideshow

In return for a donation to our charities we would be pleased to give this slideshow presentation. Contact us at The talk normally lasts about 45 - 60 minutes but can be tailored.

Grande Traversata delle Alpe - a high-level walk in the Italian Alps

Just over the border from the much visited French Alps lies a seemingly almost undiscovered Alpine region of equal beauty in Italy. For much of the walk we were but a day on foot from our French GR5 trek but the savage wild scenery and close-up contact with wildlife impressed us even more. It is a trail demanding considerable stamina as we traversed cols between the tributaries of the River Po on an almost daily basis. Thankfully the food and accommodation were superb. A wealth of different rocks provided varied landscapes, we passed many abandoned or dying villages with agricultural practices from a bygone age and met with shepherds leading a style of life unimaginable to us in Britain. We passed through former Roman settlements, many vestiges of more recent military history and just the occasional nod to modern tourism. Discover a region that few will know but which has so much to offer.

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