Jurassic Coast Slideshow

In return for a donation to our charities we would be pleased to give this slideshow presentation. Contact us at support@godfreytreks.co.uk. The talk normally lasts about 45 - 60 minutes but can be tailored.

A Walk through History along the Jurassic Coast

When you walk close to your home you do not expect so many surprises - yet a continuous 8-day trek along our nearest section of coast was a complete revelation to us. The whole was so much greater than the sum of the parts! The Jurassic Coast has rightly become a World Heritage Site. To experience the changing rocks and scenery as we walked west from Poole to Exmouth was to discover the geological history of our island over hundreds of millions of years. From this has developed a variety of habitats, settlements and industries. Join us for a walk in possibly familiar territory that will, nonetheless, provide you with a new insight in to the coast of Dorset and East Devon.

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