Photos Hadrian's Wall 2012 Days 07 - 09

Early on Day 7 you pass Gap Farm, the watershed between rivers flowing east and west and the Cumbria / Northumberland border. There are still plenty of Wall sites to be seen including the turrets and wall section near Willowford Farm and the remains of the former Roman bridge over the River Irthing, now some distance from the current river bed. Birdoswald Fort with its museum is the final major Roman site along the trail. Beyond, remnants of Wall, vallum and ditch become increasingly hard to spot. There are extensive views south though to the North Pennines and the Lakes. After Banks a detour a mile south to Lanercost Priory is well worthwhile, as is a visit to the Haytongate Hut when you rejoin the trail.
Day 8 offers a pleasant walk through farming country and small settlements to the River Eden. Passing the quirky Rickerby Estate you eventually reach Carlisle, site of the long vanished Lugovalium.
The final day takes you through the attractive villages of Grinsdale, Beaumont and Burgh-by-Sands to the rarely covered tidal road by the Solway Firth. Look out for the intriguing settlement of Boustead Hill, the impressive Bastle House in Drumburgh and the abandoned former Port Carlisle. Beyond you follow the shoreline into Bowness, making sure you find the little garden and attractive shelter at journey's end.

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