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Iceland 2004

Over the mid-summer period in 2004 we spent 2 weeks touring Iceland and camping with a group of fellow explorers. Apart from a couple of days in Reykjavik we camped at Skaftafell National Park on the SE coast, Asbyrgi in the NE, Myvatn ( ' Midge Lake ' ) in the north and Kerlingarfjoll in the Central Highlands.

We cannot speak highly enough of our geologist guide, Karl Ingolfsson, who gave us much background information about Iceland, its people, culture, history and, above all, geology. It was he who showed us where we could swim underground in the 44 C pure waters within the Mid-Atlantic Rift.

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The photo at the head of our Iceland pages is of a puffin flying over Ingolfshofdi on the SE coast

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