Photos Hebrides 2006

Click on the links below for pictures and commentary about our month in the Hebrides. When you click on the Photos tab a Picasa screen opens. Click on 'Slideshow' (above first photo) so that the photos run through. You can also click on 'View map' on the RH side to see where the photos were taken.. If you use the Full Screen option you will need to move the cursor to the top of the screen to be able to exit this tab. Click on the Commentary tab for more details about the individual islands.

Hebrides Background - travel and some of the major points of interest ..... Photos ... Commentary
Vatersay, Barra and South Uist - 3 most southerly inhabited islands ........ Photos ... Commentary
Benbecula, North Uist and Berneray - flat landscape of central islands .... Photos ... Commentary
Harris - highest point of Outer Hebrides and home to famous tweeds ....... Photos ... Commentary
Lewis - most populous district and home to the main historic sites ............ Photos ... Commentary